If you or someone you know is in need of a financial parachute, I highly recommend Steve Matte. He finds the most attractive rates for both conventional and hard money loans.

I have been working with him for over 25 years on mortgages and credit restorations. Ninety five percent of my clients are soaring in their business endeavors after utilizing his professional abilities.

— Dan Van Wie, Vice President, Corporate Development, Glens Falls National Bank and Trust Co.


Our real estate company had just emerged from bankruptcy and lenders wanted more experience before providing financing. Steve found us a bridge lender that made the loan, saving us a significant amount and set up the successful refinancing a year later. He helped me find an outfit to help with my credit issues as well. Steve did an excellent professional job and was a pleasure to work with.

— John, Old Chatham, New York


I was referred to Mr. Matte from my local bank for advise and referral to consolidate our debt/finances between business and personal.  Mr. Matte listened to our challenges and what our objectives were, and was very instrumental in referring us to a national bank that would provide us with opportunities that corresponded to our needs.  I would definitely recommend Mr. Matte’s services and would underscore that his ability to understand the depth of your situation and then determine where you might be best served, were spot-on with our needs.

— Rebecca Smith, Heritage Photography


We have, on two separate occasions, benefited from the advice and counsel of Stephen Matte at Best Fit. The first was when he arranged financing on our home. With those proceeds, we were able to pay off a business loan that involved the home as well. As the business was hospitality related and seasonal to boot, all customary lending sources had turned us down. In addition, the interest rate he negotiated was perfectly satisfactory.

The second occasion was when we needed advice for our daughter who was buying an apartment. The home was in an established mixed-use development of a former factory. A local mortgage broker advised her – poorly as it turned out – to finance through a traditional source. Several weeks later and at the eleventh hour, the traditional source turned her down as the mixed-use property did not meet certain thresholds laid down by FannieMae. The mortgage broker should have known these “rules” and advised accordingly. The delay almost cost our daughter the purchase. Steve to the rescue! Appropriate financing was arranged quickly via a “portfolio” bank.

— Jephson Hilary